Consultation Prices

Pricing is based on the progress of the service, meaning, once you are a Partnered Twitch streamer, you will be automatically transferred to Partner Consultation*

If this is your first time requesting a consultation, please ‘Begin Your Journey’ in the Affiliate Consultation category below and use code “HIGH5” at checkout for 5 free consultations.

If you are a returning streamer looking to take the next step, ‘Begin Your Journey’ in the Affiliate Consultation category. If you know a Stream Builds Affiliate, use their code at checkout for 20% to 30% off!

If you are a Twitch Partner streamer, looking to establish your brand, ‘Expand Your Domain’ in the Partner Consultation category.

Affiliate ´╗┐Consultation

(In Development)

Build Your Brand

Designing Your Stream

Setup Alerts/Notifications/Overlays

Setup Chatbots and Commands

Learn to Network In and Out of Twitch

Learn to Grow Your Audience

Reach "Path to Affiliate" and "Path to Partner" Achievement


Partner ´╗┐Consultation

(In Development)

Marketing Your Brand

Design Brand Website

Outsourcing Jobs

Manage Large Audiences

Going Above and Beyond Twitch

Become a Stream Builds Partner

Reach Your Max Potential


*Prices may be subject to change by Stream Builds Staff